What is Sintra INN?

Sintra INN is an innovative project by the Sintra Municipal Council in association with dozens of small promoters from the municipality.
Sintra INN is a platform with the purpose of frame-basing and centralizing the supply of local lodging facilities and making it available on the Internet for a market of millions of potential visitors.
Sintra INN is a support center for lodging promoters within the Sintra municipality.

Who is this for?
Available in three different languages, Sintra INN focuses not only on the Portuguese market but also on the main international markets. Sintra INN will be a new catalogue of touristic offers for visitors nationwide and also a complementary source for a new rapidly expanding international market, comprised of visitors who chose to stay in Sintra.

How does it work?
Each promoter will have an individual space in the Sintra INN website. Promoters can use this space to provide contacts for reservations, as well as typified information about their business.
Joining Sintra INN does not imply any kind of exclusive contract. Sintra INN encourages promoters to maintain existing websites, as well as the creation of new web pages that might be included in the promoters’ information.
The promoters that choose to join Sintra INN will gain access to vocational training programs. They will also be granted important logistic and commercial support provided by the Sintra INN network (in reservation management, for example).
For more information, contact the Department of Culture and Tourism – Tourism Division:

Telephone number: +351 219 236 114
E-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.